Interior Design Process

1) Site Measurements

We would initially require the floor plan with dimensions, Layout can be sent on email to get a free Estimate.

We will be able to give a rough estimate based on the floor plan. However, to provide exact costing, we would require to know the materials used, finishes etc.


2) Interior Design Estimation

Estimations factor plays an important role in fulfilling the desired contentment of the clients. We provide estimates for the interiors of the Spaces as per the requirements of the client and ensure option is provided in terms of design for them. This is worked within their budget.


3) Designing stage- 3D Visualization

Detailed information regarding existing furniture and electrical appliances/gadgets are prerequisites to kick-start the phase. We come-up with design concepts, 2D elevations. The same is presented and will require you approval to move to the next phase.

On the basis of the approved Layout plan & 2D elevations we meet for material sampling. This helps us in creating Technical Drawings and 3D model and High quality 3d Renders.

Our 3D drawings will help you visualize your new interiors and make a final decision.

we provide the floor plan and the elevation drawings free of cost. However, the 3D drawings, lighting drawings are charged for.


4) Budget evaluation and Final Budget.

Budget evaluation refers to the final stage of the budget cycle.


5) Implementation of Project by our team

we execute the designing process step by step taking your consent.


6) Handing over

Hand over the site to the client with great confidence which will be enormously sufficient for the client to boasts of its features for the price spent.