Vastu tips for the interior planning of your house.
For safe and sound interior planning of your house make sure that there is plenty if light , air with proper ventiliation and minimum furniture.
Check if your home has the following positions
This should ideally be North , or East of Northeast , West of Northwest. The entrance door sholud not directly be in front of the main gate as whatever comes in, tends to flow out with ease. 
Ideally this should be Southeat as this is the place of fire. This can also be in the Northweat quadrant. The dining area in case the kitchen is in Southeast, sholud be towards 
the East and in the later it should be North.
Living room
Drawing with all corners covered, the living room falls in the centre of the house. The exact centre of the house should be left vacant without any furniture in it.
Master bedroom
Ideally this should be Southwest. Southeast is not recommended as this is the quadrant of fire and couples tend to be mote argumentative in that corner. The Northwest can also be avoided as being the pocket of air one tends to be away from the home for some reason ot the other.Never have a mirror on the wall opposite your bed. If possible, remove it, if you can’t, then it is preferable to put a curtain to the mirror.
Study room
The best locations for this room are north, west, northwest, east , northeast. These directions attract tje positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupitor increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps om brining about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.
Money Lockers
North is considered to be the house of Kubera (the god of wealth). So, all the money storing cupboards or lockers must be located in the North.
Pooja room
The most sacred space of the house the puja room should be located in the north-east direction, 
as this direction is considered to be the abode of god and the best place to worship.
Bathroom & toilet
This should ideally be located on the Northwest. These are best avoided in the Northeast and southweat corner. The mirror -sink should be towards the North and East. The toilet seat should be along the North-South axis.
Open Spaces/garden
According to Vastu , open spaces should be located in the North which is the place of the God of wealth. Open areas enriches the family.
Waste Storage
Daily wastes from the kitchen should be kept covered in the South-west corner of the kitchen.


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